simha-shastryDr. SIMHA SHASTRY
CMD of Prime Group

Dr.Simha Shastry founded Prime Group in 1996.

Prime Events & Conferences is a forerunner in the field of events with technical expertise spanning over two decades.

Prime Group operates a wildlife resort by the name of Green Valley Resort in Ponnampet, Coorg to cater to wildlife enthusiasts and has been certified by TOFT for best practices.
Prime group has stepped into the field of Media with Adventure & Wildlife, a bi-monthly magazine which focuses on Adventure & Wildlife destinations, the equipment used, expert views on relevant issues, advice & suggestions, safety norms, guidelines and issues affecting the stakeholders of these fields.

Dr.Simha’s passion about Adventure has driven him to put in good flying hours in Ultralight Trike , Gliders, paramotors. He has also co-piloted a Bell 427 Helicopter, apart from that, he has been involved regular in activities like trekking and rafting.

Dr.Simha is an avid wildlife lover with a deep concern for issues like Man-animal Conflict , conservation of species. He has a Doctorate in Ecosystem & Environment Protection, with Specialization in Wildlife Conservation.